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Bold Exploration Podcast

Season One!

Welcome to Episode Seven!

Three Travel Tenets for Your Planning Needs

Takeaways from this episode:

There are three areas to focus on to make your next vacation go smoother and meet everyone’s needs. I have found that by keeping these three things in the forefront of my mind while planning we have fewer hiccups and are able to stay on track easier as a family. 

1. Food and Water needs – Having a clear picture of what food your family will need is key to keeping spirits high.  Look at your at home schedules to determine what your families needs will be and make a plan to meet those needs in their normal time zone schedule.  And don’t forget to keep the whole group hydrated.  Dehydrated folks are no fun to be around. This may be as simple as having a refillable water bottle available or planning a fun stop for drinks. Hydration is key to keeping cramps, constipation, and overeating at bay for all age groups.  

2. Gear – Having the right gear can make all the difference. Good shoes and socks are the foundation to the proper gear for every vacation.  Look for breathable clothing in the summer and warm layers for winter destinations. Outside of clothes, separate your gear into three categories: buy, thrift, or rent.  Buy any specialty gear that will give you value long term.  Thrift items when time and availability allows (this includes borrowing from friends).  And rent when the market allows especially those expensive items children will outgrow before they can be use again.  Another area to look for rentals is baby gear so you will not need to pack those bulky items for your trip. We had had a lot of success using rental programs when my children were little.  

3. Rest/Sleep – Vacations are usually chock full of unintentional exercise.  If a member of your traveling party is young or struggles with mobility: a stroller, seated walker, wheelchair, or scooter can make a huge improvement on the overall experience.  These items can help travelers not get tired as quickly and always have a seat available for rest.  When it comes to sleeping at night, making sure everyone has a sleep environment that meets their needs.  Lastly, for those kids who are still taking a nap, try to keep them on the same schedule for their home time zone. 

Is a cruise in your future?

A great way to take your family on their first international trip is a cruise.  Two new brands on the market may work for your family. Margaritaville At Sea is Jimmy Buffet’s cruising brand that sails out of south Florida.  Virgin Voyages is a luxury adult only cruise line that may work for a couples cruise or a girls trip. 

If you are looking for a family friendly luxury cruise don’t count out Disney Cruise lines.  They are known for their amazing children’s programs, excellent shows, and fine dining. 

To get personalized one-on-one assistance with your next vacation complete our online form and I will reach out to you ASAP to help get your family out on your next adventure. 

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